Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is expensive. The cost of water extraction and drying the area could be catastrophic. Let our Southeast team of experienced technicians handle the headache for you.

Water extraction and removal including the drying and dehumidification process can mean everything to your commercial or residential property and the final outcome of your water damage repair project, and when it comes to the restoration process for your home or commercial property, Southeast has you covered!

Understanding the Water Extraction/Removal & Dry Out Processes is Important When Contracting Water Damage Repair Services

When water damage occurs, what is needed is the use of both extraction & removal and drying & dehumidifying technologies. Much of the damage that is inflicted will be hidden behind walls, under cabinets, and even in insulation. Having the process address what you can and can’t see is absolutely critical!

Water Drying and The Dry Out Process

Ensuring all the moisture has been removed requires the use of air movers and industrial dehumidifiers. Our advanced equipment will remove moisture from the places you can’t see, including where mold grows. At this step we take no chances; we run this equipment for as long as it takes to ensure all of the moisture has been removed.

Final Inspection of the Water Removal, Extraction, and Dry Out Process

Once all of the moisture has been removed and the drying and dehumidification steps have been meticulously handled, we do a thorough inspection that includes not only a visual inspection, but also advanced testing with moisture meters and thermal imaging technology.

Water Damage Will Grow Over Time

We understand how disruptive water damage is to your home and office. To protect these areas, it’s important that you act quickly.

Waiting longer than 48 hours can result in small water damage and may require mold removal. To help prevent this and get you back to your routine our technicians will respond within 1-hour for all water mitigation, water damage repairs, and restoration.

Southeast Services

Southeast offers a complete package of water removal services, ranging from water extraction to temporary storage/pack-out and property reconstruction. We’ll handle all flood damage involving washing machines, water heaters, dishwashers, toilet overflow, and broken/leaky pipes. If you need water damage repair, Southeast is here.

We understand the stresses related to all flood cleanup emergencies. We work for you to restore your property to its pre-loss condition with the least amount of stress possible. Being swiftly proactive can be the determining factor in minimizing your loss.